The Spacer Connect is a tool designed to provide a fast, easy and reliable method of connecting back boxes when installing multiple sockets or switches. It allows the back boxes to be quickly connected, aligned correctly, perfectly parallel and no need for using Rubber Grommets.

Existing Method

Rubber grommets with partially stripped back cables Currently, when connecting multiple sockets or switches, each back plate needs to be independently mounted, measured our and installed to ensure correct positioning and alignment. When connecting the two together, a section of the outer sheath needs to be left to transit between one box to the other. Rubber Grommets then need to be fitted around the back plate holes to ensure there can be no live wires ever coming into contact with the back plate.

This provides a restriction to the amount of cables which can be passed through each back plate and the rubber grommets can frequently fall out if additional cables are forced through, wasting time and causing inconvenience. During finishing, plaster and render can also accidentally enter into the back plate as there is no protection for the rest of the intrusion.

Spacer Connect

Spacer Connect is able to significantly reduce the time required to connect multiple back plates, increase the safety of the instillation and reduce the chances of further reworking required at the end of a job.

  • TIME SAVER – As Spacer Connect is the correct width, there is no need to measure between boxes when placing them onto the wall, the boxes will always line up and be the correct distance apart. Switches will remain straight and there is no chance of Rubber Grommets falling out when pulling cables through.
  • SAFETY – If a rubber grommet moves out of position during instillation, there is the risk of a live wire coming into contact with the metal casing. Spacer connect cannot fall out of position, ensuring the cables will not touch the metal when travelling from one box to another. Cables can therefore be fully stripped between boxes, with no need for outer sheath. Single cables could also be used, which would allow much more cables to run between boxes.
  • FINNISHING – Spacer Connect completely seals the holes between boxes allowing no other material to enter the plugs or switches. With the holes left by Rubber Grommets, during finishing, it is common for plaster to ingress through these holes and require this to be fixed before the plugs or sockets can be safely used. As Spacer Connect completely seals these holes, there is no possibility of this, making finishing easier for the decorators and helping to ensure no further repair work will be required.

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