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Spacer Connect Limited, is a UK designer and manufacturer for a variety of unique products use by electricians, roofers and a variety of other trades. All of our products are designed to provide much quicker, safer and more efficient methods of completing common tasks, with our current range including the 'Spacer Connect®' and the 'Felt Roller®'.

The Spacer Connect® is made up of two very simple, injection moulded plastic modules. When clipped together, they form a fully enclosed, tube. Each end has 4 clips which can be fitted into the back plate holes, to provide a much quicker and easier method of connecting multiple back boxes compared to using Rubber Grommets.

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How it Work

Video below is demonstrating both the 35mm and 15mm Spacer Connect™ variants connecting double gang back boxes.



The Spacer Connect is a tool designed to provide a fast, easy and reliable method of connecting back boxes when installing multiple sockets or switches. It allows the back boxes to be quickly connected, aligned correctly, perfectly parallel and no need for using Rubber Grommets.

Existing Method

Rubber grommets with partially stripped back cables Currently, when connecting multiple sockets or switches, each back plate needs to be independently mounted, measured our and installed to ensure correct positioning and alignment. When connecting the two together, a section of the outer sheath needs to be left to transit between one box to the other. Rubber Grommets then need to be fitted around the back plate holes to ensure there can be no live wires ever coming into contact with the back plate.

This provides a restriction to the amount of cables which can be passed through each back plate and the rubber grommets can frequently fall out if additional cables are forced through, wasting time and causing inconvenience. During finishing, plaster and render can also accidentally enter into the back plate as there is no protection for the rest of the intrusion.

Spacer Connect

Spacer Connect is able to significantly reduce the time required to connect multiple back plates, increase the safety of the instillation and reduce the chances of further reworking required at the end of a job.

  • TIME SAVER – As Spacer Connect is the correct width, there is no need to measure between boxes when placing them onto the wall, the boxes will always line up and be the correct distance apart. Switches will remain straight and there is no chance of Rubber Grommets falling out when pulling cables through.
  • SAFETY – If a rubber grommet moves out of position during instillation, there is the risk of a live wire coming into contact with the metal casing. Spacer connect cannot fall out of position, ensuring the cables will not touch the metal when travelling from one box to another. Cables can therefore be fully stripped between boxes, with no need for outer sheath. Single cables could also be used, which would allow much more cables to run between boxes.
  • FINNISHING – Spacer Connect completely seals the holes between boxes allowing no other material to enter the plugs or switches. With the holes left by Rubber Grommets, during finishing, it is common for plaster to ingress through these holes and require this to be fixed before the plugs or sockets can be safely used. As Spacer Connect completely seals these holes, there is no possibility of this, making finishing easier for the decorators and helping to ensure no further repair work will be required.


Spacer Connect Limited is a UK based Manufacturing Company specialising in the innovation, design and manufacture of a variety of products used by electricians, roofers, tradesmen and other similar areas in the futures. The products we produce specialise in creating a new, more efficient, easier and cost effective method for completing regular jobs taken on in the industry. At the core of the company we have an experienced Electrician, very familiar with the common challenges experienced in such a market.

All of our equipment is manufactured in the UK and we focus on designing simple, robust and easy to use products. Our aim is to provide products to end up in regular use across the industry and help reduce the average time taken to complete a job for the tradesmen.

For the future, we hope to continue this innovation and are on a constant Research & Development program of continual improvement for our existing range, and the aim of further increasing the range over time.

Innovation through simplicity

It is a widely held belief that the best ideas, are often the most simple. It is the obsession that drives Apple in their development and the stimulus for phrases like “Now why didn’t I think of that?” or “How has no one done this before?” Although we do not wish to compare anyone to Apple, Spacer Connect Limited is a company which falls into this category for amazingly simplistic Clothier, a professional electrician with years of innovation.

The driving principle behind Spacer Connect Ltd, is the philosophy, “Trade tools made Easy”. This drives everything about the company and is the core behind the development of the new innovative solutions for the trade, with a product line currently focused towards the needs of Electricians (whether for domestic, Industrial or commercial jobs) but soon to be expanding to Roofers, Builders and Tradesman alike.

The chief creative inspiration in the business comes from Alan clothier, a professional electrician with years of experience in the trade and a complete lack of sympathy for putting up with things the way they are. Having fiddled and “messed around” with a number of jobs he came across day to day, Alan decided it was time to come up with solutions for these issues and share these ideas with others, most probably in similar positions but with no solution easily available to them. It was from this moment the concept for Spacer Connect Limited was formed.

The Company has now been up and running for nearly a year and the first product lines are on the streets. All of our range are designed and manufactured in the UK with “The Spacer Connect™” currently the flagship product in the range, providing an excellent example of where innovation and simplicity, can save electricians a huge amount of time, money and most importantly, “messing around”.

The Spacer Connect™ - Connecting Back Boxes

The issue Alan identified here was the time it took to install multiple back boxes, when fitting a variety of sockets and switches. The process of measuring out the location for each individual box, fixing them in place, ensuring the alignment was correct on each one, inserting Rubber Grommets, pulling the cable through only to find the grommets had pulled out or your work was then ruined during finishing, proved too tedious a job to continue with.

The fully patented Spacer Connect™ simply solved this issue using a simple plastic connector, which allowed a whole host of issues to disappear.

With the Spacer Connect™, the boxes required can be quickly clipped together, automatically providing perfect spacing and alignment for all boxes. With one measurement, the electrician can be completely confident every box will fit together parallel and provide a professional final outcome, at a fraction of the time.

The need for Rubber Grommets then disappears. No need jostle the fussy rubber rings into knockout holes they have no interest in going into, as the connector completely seals both knock outs from the back boxes. This means there is no chance of plaster ingress during finish, cables can be completely stripped back with no need for outer sheathing (so more space for single cable as a bonus) and Best Practice guidelines can still be met whilst increasing the level of safety with reduced chance of live wires coming into contact with the boxes.

With the groundwork quickly completed, all that remains is to fit the sockets or switches themselves before moving onto the next job. Spacer Connect Limited has also thought this through, with a 15mm variant available for aligning standard sockets and switches, and a 35mm variant for when decorative versions are required or to leave a decorator’s gap.

Innovating on Innovation for Conduit

Spacer Connect Ltd have not stopped there. Using a similar concept, we have developed the Conduit Connector™, again fully patented but now for connecting into Conduit Boxes or Trunking.

With a click, gone is the need for lock rings or adaptors and what opens is a vast array of requirements across all domestic, commercial or industrial applications where conduit is used including factories, warehouses, hospitals, shops and many more.

Don’t forget the Roofing

We couldn’t however focus only on Electricians. The brand new Felt Roller™ helps half the time and manpower required for unrolling felt on new roofing, giving an extra pair of hands to do something useful and soon to be launching is a new way or unrolling cable drums.

For the future

Spacer Connect Limited considers the primary route to market is by working directly and closely with Wholesalers. These are the people who understand their customers and we aim to support the Wholesaler as much as possible. Promotional Material, Countertop displays, and of course, attractive pricing are all ways this belief is demonstrated.

With many more innovations to come, Spacer Connect Ltd is actively looking to expand relationships with Wholesalers, both here in the UK and shortly exporting around the world. Any expressions of interest for learning more about the products or potential stocking interest would be very warmly received.

As Spacer Connect Ltd grows and expands the range, maybe they will become the company ‘Who thought of that; then did it’.

By : George Hunter
Sales Director
Spacer Connect Limited
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01761 241 601

Flexible and robust, the Spacer Connect clips easily into back box knockouts, enabling multiple or single cables to be threaded whilst ensuring a safe, professional and aesthetic finish.

Benefits of the Spacer Connect include:

  • Cheaper & quicker to install than pre-manufactured multiple back boxes.
  • Cables can be fully stripped between boxes; no need for outer sheath.
  • More cable can be run between boxes as there is no outer sheath.
  • Ensures a parallel and equally spaced connection between sockets and switches.
  • Negates the use of rubber grommets, which can pull out causing a safety risk.
  • Resists ingress of plaster or render.
  • Provides a safe portal for cables to pass through, without the concern of contact with the metal back box.
  • Made from sustainable, recycled plastics.

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Technical & Commercial Principles of Spacer Connect™

  • Design and manufacture high quality & innovative products
  • That are commodity items for the Professional Electrician & Contractor
  • Enhance the quality and standing of the brand by retaining production in the UK, and
  • Consider Made in the UK as a key factor in our business both for UK and export markets
  • Deliver maximum support to wholesalers through a dedicated Wholesaler Strategy

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