15mm Spacer Connect

The 15mm Spacer Connect will save you time and hassle installing sockets and switches.

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Each connector is designed to instantly link a pair of back boxes, perfectly spacing and aligning them. Any number of boxes can be connected in this way, allowing large numbers of boxes to be fitted in a single install. It places standard sockets and switches flush ensuring a consistent high quality finish whilst reducing the time required for installation. 

Other key benefits of the Spacer Connect include:

  • No need for rubber grommets. The Connectors seal in the ends of the back boxes
  • Reduced Second fix with no plaster ingress or mis-alignment 
  • More single cable can be run between boxes
  • No need to leave cable sheath on between boxes, fully stripped cable!
  • Unlimited boxes installed in seconds, saving you time on the job
  • Fully recyclable plastic

Each pack comes with 10 x units of the 15mm Spacer Connect


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